The Shedd aQuarium

2016-04-20 Pic 1
See how I did that?  There's a "Q" in aQuarium, right?  So it's a Q word. So there. But really, I have an ulterior motive:  one of my favorite parts about Chicago is its museums.  And the Shedd Aquarium is one of three on the "Museum Campus," the other two being the Field Museum and the Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum.  You can even craft a special memory with ...
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Polish Culture

Polish is the third most common language spoken in Chicago, behind English and Spanish, and it is said that there are more Polish people here than in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland.  I'm not sure about that last fact, as I couldn't find verification of it, but it's a commonly stated aphorism that I've heard since moving here. One thing I find interesting is that I ha...
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Brave Enough To Speak the Truth About Body Image

2016-04-18 Pic 1
I know Oprah Winfrey elicits strong opinions, positive or negative, and I'm not here to try and sway your opinion one way or another.  Her television empire, Harpo Studios, has had its offices here in Chicago for years and one could go see the Oprah Winfrey Show right here, just west of the loop.  While not a native, Oprah has made a home here and, in the process, has becom...
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In the Navy! la la la Wait, is that not what I meant? Nope! I meant Navy Pier, Chicago, baby! What is Navy Pier, you ask?  Well, it's not where the Navy lands, that's for sure.  The base is north of the city in North Chicago, which oddly is not connected to Chicago in any way and is near the border with Wisconsin.  Confused yet?  It's the Naval...
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The Mag Mile

2016-04-15 Mag Mile 1
Chicago has a street called Michigan Avenue that goes straight through downtown and is lined with high-end retailers, restaurants, and other businesses.  Famous around the world as a tourist destination, it's a fun place to be.  The large white building on the left in the foreground is the Wrigley Building, which is actually two buildings connected by a covered walkway seve...
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The Largest Inland Sea

When I still worked downtown, this was one of the views on my daily walks - Burnham Harbor. This is my husband, the professional photographer at Wolfshead Photography.  I have a lot of photos of him taking pictures, because that's the state in which he's most serene and at peace.  Behind him is a view of Chicago and, of course, the lake. Locals call it "The Lake,"...
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Welcome to Koreatown

2016-04-13 N&W Pic 1
Holy cow.  I could not find any pictures of Koreatown through Creative Commons today.  I even had trouble finding general "Albany Park" pictures, so you'll to content yourself with the, admittedly lovely, picture above. I have lived in this town for almost twenty years and in all that time, I am a regular commuter on the Brown Line from Kimball, its terminus.  The Kimbal...
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The Tallest Exoskeleton Building In the World

2016-04-12 Pic 1
Chicago is a tall town.  We have something like five of the ten tallest buildings in the world, or some such.  We no longer hold the distinction of the tallest building, but our urbanscape is filled with feats of architecture and engineering, enough to make any urbanscape photographer ecstatic. Take this monster, for instance.  It's the tallest exoskeleton skyscraper on ...
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Cuisine In Chicago – the Ubiquitous Italian

The Italian Photographer Stallion
My husband is Italian American, among other things - a little German and Irish, too.  But his grandmother was born one month this side of the crossing, which means her mother made the crossing pregnant.  Think about it - the nineteen-teens, on a ship, pregnant.  Yikes.  Tough stock, my husband's people. And, he cooks. Which, since my subject today is Italian food in C...
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Haunted by the Past

No, not that kind of past!  The ghost kind of past! Oh. Well, sorry, I've been cleaning up my office and drowning in paper, so it seemed fitting.  ANYway, let's see. Haunted Chicago Chicago is famous for a lot of things.  To ghost hunters, this is one haunted town.  There are books on the subject, ghost tours, and even a Meetup group dedicated to ghost hunting.  Fro...
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