A to Z Challenge, Day 19: S Is For Stir-Fry

So.  You get home from the day job, or stop moving from the stay-at-home job, and realize it's almost dinner time.Ack!Don't despair.  With a little bit of planning at the grocery store, you'll have everything you need to make emergency stir-fry.How?I'm so glad you asked!  Once upon a time, there were several writing buddies.  They decided to create a collabo...
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Tasty Tuesday – Interview with Kimberley Troutte

One of my compatriots in COOK LIKE A WRITER, Kimberley Troutte, consented to let me track her down in the midst of a busy writing schedule and interview her.  I'm excited to bring you my results!N&W: With your love of ghosts, how did history inspire your choices of recipes?KT: My trip to Spain to write about ghosts inspired me to include Spanish tapas in our cookbook. ...
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Lookit! Kichin Helpin!

COOK LIKE A WRITER, by The Book Posse, is born!  Join us for our pièce de résistance, the cookbook to end all cookbooks.  (Sorry Emeril.)  This one's got wit, and cooking help, and me!  ~grin~A cookbook written by a group of passionate authors who have cooked up recipes just as juicy as their novels. Their goal? To change the world one word and one tasty bit...
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