T Is For… Truffles!

Ah, yes. Truffles.  While there are truffles here on Earth, the first being a type of chocolate confection and the second being a type of mushroom confection, truffles really are a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and an aardvark. See? Aren't they adorable?  Truffles have the fur of the Cocker Spaniel, and similar coloring for the most part, (a range of browns and tans), a...
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S Is For… Sapphire Dream!

S 1
I adore gems.  Did you ever see the animated movie, The Secret of NIMH?  There's a character of a magpie who likes, as he calls them, "Sparklies."  Yup.  Me, to a "T".  When we started writing the Persis Chronicles, we decided to name the different Keeps, which are essentially universities, after gems and precious stones.  As time went on, there's even a difference between ...
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K Is For… Kashaynu!

2015-04-13 K
Ka-what? Kashaynu. Yes, I know, what a name. He's a Seeker in our Persis Chronicles series and I adore names, especially ones that sound good rolling off the tongue but that aren't familiar. Kashaynu, Zeteya, Bakraynu... Rachel jokes that you can always tell the characters she named, because they have names like Brock, or Jon.  I do rush to point out that I named Teeka and Quil...
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H Is For… Hunter!

Emerald Keep is now available!  Very exciting.  You can find it at Torquere Press, here.  In celebration, I thought I'd share a little bit about our world and one of the jobs in it, that of Hunter. First, we decided that jobs all have capital letters.  There are jobs that are obvious like Healer and Driver, and less obvious like Seeker, or lawman, and Hunter, or miner.  We s...
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E Is For… Emerald Keep!

  I am very excited.  This Wednesday, our book Emerald Keep is out into the world.  In celebration of its release, I figured I'd take today and share a little bit with you.  If you are a long-time reader of ours, then you may already be aware of the book's release; if this is your first visit, then hello, and welcome. The most exciting part, to me, about writing ...
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A to Z Challenge, Day 20: T Is For Truffles

Those of you who are paying attention will know that this is a picture of a cat, not a truffle - but, and this is important, it could be.  That's the joy of worldbuilding.I just spent time trying to find pictures of a cross-stitch that I did of a modified elephant.  We changed the color scheme from elephant grey to truffle browns, shortened the nose and made the ...
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A to Z Challenge, Day 18: R Is For Rik

The main character of "Seeking Hearts," our short story for the Torquere Press 2013 Charity Sips Blitz, is at home in his body and comfortable with his own sexuality.  It's fun writing a character who has very little angst, because then the angst has to come from the storyline itself - in this case, a mystery intruder.But first, when we introduce Rik, we got to have a litt...
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A to Z Challenge, Day 17: Q Is For Quill

Senior Hunter Quill Mayer, our hero in Emerald Fire, is a scarred man.  Forced to witness the destruction of the town where he grew up, he is raised by his father.  His life partner is killed by a sandcat in the Great Valley.  He finds happiness with Emerald Keeper Teeka.We are hard at work on the sequel, Emerald Keep, and hope to have it done shortly here (as in...
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