From the Archives: A Journal of Two Writers – Research, Part I: Just the Facts, Ma’am

2017-04-13 Pic 1
Welcome to our new feature, Throwback Thursday - From the Archives.  This part of the series features content created for a now defunct publisher, and I'm making it available for you to enjoy here.  Happy reading! Happy Thursday!  Today I’ll be talking about a topic that’s near and dear to both our hearts, research.  Even though we write fiction, research and fact-fi...
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Throwback Thursday – The Martian Babies

2016-01-07 NW Pic 1
The Martian Babies “Xaxon, you space hound! How have you been?” The hail came from behind Xaxon Broxes and he turned. “Javnon Pequent?” Xaxon blurted. “Is that really you?” Javnon strode up, his lemon-yellow ship-knits clashing horribly with his shock of long orange hair. “Of course it’s me, you pirate! You still piloting that elderly old bird of yours?” “The ZX-5 is ...
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