From the Archives: A Journal of Two Writers – Thoughts from the Other Side of Edits

2017-04-09 Pic 2
Rachel and I published our popular series The Persis Chronicles with Torquere Press, which, sadly, is now defunct.  I realized at one point that all the posts I'd written for their LiveJournal and blog would disappear into the ether, so I'm going to republish them here for your enjoyment. This first one was the first LiveJournal post I did for them, back in May of 2012: ...
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S Is For… Sapphire Dream!

S 1
I adore gems.  Did you ever see the animated movie, The Secret of NIMH?  There's a character of a magpie who likes, as he calls them, "Sparklies."  Yup.  Me, to a "T".  When we started writing the Persis Chronicles, we decided to name the different Keeps, which are essentially universities, after gems and precious stones.  As time went on, there's even a difference between ...
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K Is For… Kashaynu!

2015-04-13 K
Ka-what? Kashaynu. Yes, I know, what a name. He's a Seeker in our Persis Chronicles series and I adore names, especially ones that sound good rolling off the tongue but that aren't familiar. Kashaynu, Zeteya, Bakraynu... Rachel jokes that you can always tell the characters she named, because they have names like Brock, or Jon.  I do rush to point out that I named Teeka and Quil...
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E Is For… Emerald Keep!

  I am very excited.  This Wednesday, our book Emerald Keep is out into the world.  In celebration of its release, I figured I'd take today and share a little bit with you.  If you are a long-time reader of ours, then you may already be aware of the book's release; if this is your first visit, then hello, and welcome. The most exciting part, to me, about writing ...
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Writer Wednesday with Noon and Wilder

Yes, dear, I know you don't like your picture taken.©2015 A. Catherine NoonWhy do you want me to smi-©2015 Rachel Wilder2015 is shaping up to be a busy year.  We've sent off Sealed by Magic for consideration; finished first and second rounds of edits on Emerald Keep; made a deal for Book 3 of the Chicagoland Shifters, called Cat's Cradle, and it'll be out in the summer of ...
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Tuesday with the Tauruses

Rachel and I are hard at work on the edits for EMERALD KEEP, which is coming soon from Torquere Press - release date is April 8th.  So exciting.Edits, though, means our brains dribble out the bottom of our heads.  We're also finishing up the submission packet for SEALED BY MAGIC and will send that off on the weekend.  And I'm planning the blog book tour for EK. I...
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Happy August!

Happy August!  It's hard to believe the months of June AND July are over, isn't it?We have some exciting news, though!  EMERALD KEEP is now under contract with Torquere Press and will be out soon.  Yay!  And, just in time for Lughnasad, they're having a site-wide sale for both Torquere Press and their Young Adult imprint, Prizm Books.  You can check the...
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A to Z Challenge, Day 26: Z Is For Zen Garden Collective

Woot!  We have made it through the challenge.  This picture is actually two summers ago, but the sentiment still stands.  Hammock, knitting, a relaxing cup of tea - YOU'VE EARNED IT!But before you go, here's a parting thought:  Rachel and I have been hard at work, behind the scenes, with several of our cohort at the Writer Zen Garden.  We'll be launchin...
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A to Z Challenge, Day 25: Y Is For Yes

Yes is a lovely word, especially when it's from a publisher with whom you want to work.  Rachel and I have been fortunate enough to work with three awesome houses so far in our career and we're tickled pink, purple and blue to be among their authors.What affiliations in your life make you grateful?
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