Tuesday with the Tauruses – Travel Tips

  I've met some of my closest friends online.  (I've also met some nutballs, but I'm choosing to ignore that.) Way back when we met, in 2008, (which is the dark ages as far as the internet is concerned, lol), I knew that I wanted to meet in person.  I thought the idea of having a retreat together would be buckets of fun. That dream became a reality and we've been...
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A to Z Challenge, Day 26: Z Is For Zen Garden Collective

Woot!  We have made it through the challenge.  This picture is actually two summers ago, but the sentiment still stands.  Hammock, knitting, a relaxing cup of tea - YOU'VE EARNED IT!But before you go, here's a parting thought:  Rachel and I have been hard at work, behind the scenes, with several of our cohort at the Writer Zen Garden.  We'll be launchin...
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A to Z Challenge, Day 12: L Is For Llamu

Yup.  Llamu.  Nope, it's not a typo.  Llamu, or the plural "llamu," (yes, it's the same), are an indigenous animal on the planet Persis, where our book EMERALD KEEP is set.  See, here's how it happened.The settlers that came to Persis generations ago traveled with livestock embryos so they could, when they found a hospitable planet, have a source of food and...
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