Release Day is Coming!

BURNING BRIGHT is out this Tuesday! Launch partay in da howse!!

It’s two days to go until Release Day (technically only one, since it’s so late on Sunday…). I have so many mixed feelings! I feel excited, a little scared, and don’t know what to expect. Excited because it’s our first book, scared that I won’t do ‘it’ right (not sure what ‘it’ is, but the worry is still there), and I don’t know what to expect for Tuesday. Will I feel different once the book is out and available?

It feels strange to have a book published. It doesn’t feel like something is done, and over; it feels like the work has only just begun. We are hard at work finishing the sequel, as well as working on a couple other projects and researching publishers for them. We’ve learned so much over the past year and a half and aren’t the same writers we were when we started. We are closer as friends, inside each others’ heads a lot more than we were even when writing BURNING BRIGHT. I’ve met some amazing folks in the business, launched a non-profit, and really think of myself as an author now instead of only a writer.

It’s been an amazing journey and we are now waiting to watch our little baby make its first steps into the world. Cigar and champagne, anyone?

4 Replies to “Release Day is Coming!”

  1. Just read this! LOVE LOVE LOVE! if you have an extra Neal around can I have him? Yum!
    Seriously, great work guys. I really enjoyed and lost a lots of sleep reading this book. I usually delete books after reading once since my brain keeps everything locking in tight but this one goes into my VIP folder. The must re-read folder! It has very few books in it but luckily just gained one more.
    I realize the blog story is the first but will this be a larger series? It felt that way. I personally would love to read TJ’s story.
    Great work and I hope to read much more by you two!

  2. Thank you, Mishkismom! You just made our whole weekend. We’re tickled you like Neal; he’s certainly a favorite of ours. And don’t worry, we’re working on TJ’s story as we speak – though the next one we will submit is the sequel to Burning Bright.

    We’re grateful you took a chance on us as new authors and are tickled pink that you enjoyed it so much. Thank you for commenting, too!

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