Tasty Tuesday: A Good Cuppa

Okay.  Let’s get down to brass tacks.  It’s morning, but doo tamned early.  Whadoyoodo?


Rinse the pot.

Get fresh beans.  We keep ours in the freezer.  There is debate on this.  Some say don’t freeze, it’s not good for the oils.  Others say freeze, otherwise the oils go rancid.  Others say refrigerate.

As I was saying, get the beans out of the freezer.

Don’t use ground.  Why?  Because grinding DOES make it stale.  It’s better to grind your own if you can.

Grind your coffee.  I fill the grinder lid halfway full, but you’ll get used to how much with practice.  You could, gasp, read the manual.

After you have some coffee.

Get fresh water, fill the reservoir, put the grounds in the filter, and PUT THE BOT ON THE PURNER.  Don’t forget that part.  Leave the pot off and you get a mess.  Ask me how I know this.


Don’t ask.

As it’s brewing, and I highly suggest you get an interruptable brew pot, get some Valrhona cocoa.  If I’d meant some other kind of cocoa, I’d’ve said some other kind of cocoa.  Valrhona is the best.

Get some Raz al Hanout.  Sprinkle into your cup.

Get some good, high quality, dark honey.  I like Polish pine honey, but there are many many MANY to choose from so go nuts and try different ones.  Put about a teaspoon in the mug.

Pour coffee.  (Now you see why I told you to get an interruptable pour pot, yes?)

There.  That’s better, isn’t it?  For one thing, now you can spell.

Coffee.  It is necessary.

For some other scrumptious recipes for Tasty Tuesday, visit my buds.  Selena’s got something toothsome (I swear, that woman could cook pocket lint and make it to die for) and Nancy shares her special shortbread.  ~watering mouth~  Who wants to stage a raid and steal these two ladies?  We need something to go with our coffee, after all.  And mulled wine!  LOFF! ~gets map~

Mulled Wine, by PG Forte

My Grandmother’s Shortbreads, by Nancy Lauzon

Pouding Chomeur by Selena Robins

10 Replies to “Tasty Tuesday: A Good Cuppa”

  1. Okay, I am DEFINITELY coming to your house this morning. I’ll be there in 15 minutes, give or take …
    I’ve often thought of grinding my own coffee beans. My father used to when I was a kid, but there was an unfortunate incident at our house regarding grinding coffee beans. My sister and her boyfriend went camping for the weekend, so she dropped off their cat at my parents’ house to be looked after. Sunday morning my Dad turned on the coffee grinder and the cat fell to the ground, dead. Turns out he had a bad heart, and the noise scared him. True story. So I’ve been a bit leary about coffee grinder’s ever since!

  2. Still ignoring Selena’s first comment since it’s incomprehensible anyway. “don’t drink coffee” I don’t know these words. what do these words mean???

    Hmm. Maybe more coffee will help…

  3. Nancy, I’m so excited! I’ll leave the porch light on.

    That’s sad about that cat! I confess, I laughed when I first read it, but if it were my cat, I would be devastated. I am, though, prone to sudden outburst. My animals, all of them, hardly budge when I laugh now (except for Boria, he’s easy to startle). So loud noises aren’t that bad in our house, nor unusual. I have a loud laugh.

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