January Retreat

I’m back in Las Vegas with Rachel!  Woot!  My visit doesn’t seem long enough, even though it’s a whole week.  Note to self:  do not schedule flights before 07:00.  One has to be at the airport 90 minutes ahead of the flight, and one has to get oneself to the airport.  My flight left Chicago at 06:30, which meant I had the cab pick me up at 04:00 – and he was early!  Yuck.  Noony is not a happy camper getting up at 03:00.

The flight was gorgeous, though.  We hit some turbulence as we passed over storms but for the most part, we came over very smoothly.  I spent most of the flight knitting.

This visit has been filled with creativity.  We’ve written, of course, and we got the cover art forms for TIGER TIGER!  Very exciting.  We will of course let everyone know as soon as the cover art is available.  But in addition to writing, we have been knitting and crocheting, but also picked up a latch-hook rug project.  Rachel picked out a cute picture of two cats and we’ll figure out how it works tomorrow.  We also found some tiny counted cross-stitch projects – including one that looks like a little truffle!  We picked out different colors for the fur, though; I’ll work on those this week.  They shouldn’t take long to finish.

Whatever your Monday brings you, I hope it’s fun!

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