The Tigers Are Coming!

Only one week remains before TIGER TIGER is released to the world.  You can pre-purchase your copy now directly from the Samhain website!

In the process of writing it, we learned a lot about writing, editing, and life in general.  Here are our five favorite things we learned:

1. Writing a novel is like anything else that requires a lot of sustained effort over time (weight loss, marathon running, etc.).  Learn how to put small, consistent work in on the project so that you don’t burn out, but that you keep the momentum going.

2.  Editing can be tough.  Allow yourself the time to do it, and use tools like 30 On/30 Off to make it doable.

3.  Collect a master document of things to look for in edits.  If you make consistent errors with something (spelling manger instead of manager, etc.) then put that in your document so you know to look for it during edits, and you don’t have to be paranoid about it during the writing stage.

4.  Remember that it’s play.  Relax and enjoy the project and keep foremost in your mind that you’re doing this because you love the characters and the story.

5.  Trust your Inner Storyteller.  Trust that the Story should be told and give yourself enough time to get the whole thing out onto the page.

Check out TIGER TIGER today!

5 Replies to “The Tigers Are Coming!”

  1. You’d think after a few books under my belt. I’d have thought of a master document for edits(slaps hand to forehead).

    I love learning new ideas from you guys.

    BTW- Thanks to your awesome Emerald Fire maps, etc. I’ve started doing that as well. 🙂

  2. We also found that it is handy to have different editing doc for our different series/publishers. Like Samhain likes T-shirts and in our Keeper Series we always have to capitalize the title of Hunter.

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