Happy Birthday, Noon and Wilder!

Image Copyright 2013 by Michael Clothier, Wolfshead Photography
Used with Permission

Hello, world!  Noony and Rachel, here.  We decided we really needed a “real” blog to talk about things that make us late for work, and not just the naughty stuff.  Don’t worry, we’re still blogging over at Taurus and Taurus – but we moved the NSFW stuff over there, and the conversation over here!

In celebration, Noony (I’m the one on the left) decided to participate in the April 2014 A to Z blogging challenge – not once but twice!  This way, Rachel and I can share our thoughts, meet new folks, and really launch this blog thing right!

Pull up a chair, grab a cuppa, and prepare to be late for work!

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”
– E.E. Cummings

The Chicagoland Shifters series:
Book 1 BURNING BRIGHT, available from Samhain Publishing.
Book 2 TIGER TIGER, available from Samhain Publishing. An All Romance eBooks Bestseller!

The Persis Chronicles:Check out EMERALD FIRE, available from Torquere Books.

Check out “Seeking Hearts“, available from Torquere Books.

Check out COOK LIKE A WRITER , available from Barnes and Noble.
Check out “Taking a Chance“, available from Torquere Books!

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3 Replies to “Happy Birthday, Noon and Wilder!”

  1. Hi and welcome to the AtoZ! So great that you’ve come on board. Looking forward to April madness. Well. . .kind of. But great to meet you. Thanks for stopping by The Write Game.

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