A to Z Blogging Challenge, Day 1: A Is For Aardvark!

Let’s face it:  aardvarks are funny-looking.  A cross between an armadillo (Texas speed bumps) and an anteater (my alma mater’s mascot – Zot!) (U.C. Irvine, silly!), they aren’t the most attractive of beasts.

So of course, Rachel and I had to use them as the basis for our fantasy animal, a truffle.

What’s a truffle?

Glad you asked!  It’s a cross between an aardvark and a cocker spaniel.

And they’re featured in our novel, EMERALD FIRE!  Ha!  Betcha didn’t think I was going to manage to segue that into something, huh?

So tell us:  what’s the weirdest-looking animal you can think of?

10 Replies to “A to Z Blogging Challenge, Day 1: A Is For Aardvark!”

  1. The Ai-Ai? A tiny little primate with large eyes and a lengthy middle finger for fishing grubs out of tree trunks at night. They look a bit like gremlins.

    1. Of course we’re being original! I’m sure your Aardvark is named something different than mine. Mine’s name is Jane. Jane the Aardvark. And one day, Jane went visiting and… πŸ˜‰

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