A to Z Blogging Challenge, Day 5: E Is For Emerald Fire

Emerald Fire is our first novel with Torquere Press.  We wanted to play with traditional romance tropes and create a world of our own a’la Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series.  She kept a lot of realism in her books, despite having dragons and other fantastical elements; each one was explained in the context of the books and made it feel very real.

On the desert world of Persis, Keeper Teeka hopes to fulfill his dreams. Instead they come crashing around him when his Contract and lover is killed.

When Hunter Quills steps forward to aid him, Teeka wonders what motivates the solitary, scarred man.

Is them teaming together to Harvest the valuable Lode for practicality sake? Or is Quill feeling the growing attraction between them like Teeka is?

With the harsh desert of the Great Valley seeming to sabotage them at every turn, what happens when Teeka discovers sinister foul play is surfacing?

Will Quill prove to be Teeka’s protector and the answer to his hopes or his worst nightmare under the blazing twin suns of Persis?

What is your favorite trope?  
(A trope is a traditional storyline in a genre.)

12 Replies to “A to Z Blogging Challenge, Day 5: E Is For Emerald Fire”

  1. I had no idea what a trope was! I guess I don’t have one, but I was a fan of Anne McCaffrey. To ask that question would make a reader try to understand the structure and plot of a story, which is a level deeper than for the average reader. Am currently reading the Alvin Maker series. So maybe there’s a trope in there about the “gifted child.” Good luck and Aloha from Hawaii! Maui Jungalow

    1. Hi, Courtney! It’s funny; I didn’t know what a trope was either until I started hanging out with romance authors and they know their terms! πŸ™‚ I saw a fun list once, of “romance tropes,” and we got an idea to do a whole series but with a twist, trying to make each one original in some way. We shall see.

      Thank you for visiting all the way from Hawaii! Mahalo! πŸ™‚

  2. hmmmm… my favorite trope …baby on the doorstep, beauty and the beast, second chance lovers, misunderstood millioraire, hidden pregnancy, amnesia…I guess we’ll have to write them all.

  3. I’d never heard of trope either … but I’m loving your story lines …. I had the pleasure of meeting Anne McCaffrey once at her house in Wicklow – I think it was called Underhill. And it was populated with dragons that people had sent her from all over the world – from Chinese carpets to tiny little trinkets. Very inspiring woman. I suppose one of my favourite tropes is the young couple falling in love to find out that they’re really brother and sister … heartbreaking .. Happy blogging

    1. Ouch! You’re right, that would be heartbreaking! I remember the first time I saw Star Wars and found out Luke and Lea were brother and sister. Honestly, I was relieved because it meant she could be with Han Solo, but still – what a shock!

      You got to meet Anne McCaffrey? Wow. I would have loved to have that opportunity. I am acquainted with an author here, Jody Lynn Nye, and she worked with Ms. McCaffrey; meeting Ms. Nye was a treat. She presented at a conference I ran and trying to introduce her was a serious fan moment. She took pity on me and let me sit down so I could geek out. πŸ™‚

      Thank you for taking the time to stop by and visit! Happy blogging to you, too!

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