A to Z Challenge, Day 8: H Is For Hard Work

The definition of what is hard evolves over time.  When you’re a baby and you learn to walk, it’s really hard.  Then you grow older and it’s time to learn to drive – STAY OFF THE SIDEWALK!  When you leave home for the last time, and set up your own household, that’s pretty darned hard too – and there’s no maid to clean up after you.  Remember the first time you came home to a mess and were disgusted with yourself?

No?  Come on now.

But with writing, some of that “hard” isn’t, because we’re passionate about it.  We write because we’re driven to, because we need to get the story out.  We write because, at the end of the day, we are writers.

What “hard work” do you find yourself doing without realizing that it is hard?

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