A to Z Challenge, Day 16: P Is For Pictures

Cat a’la Bed and Breakfast

We use our cameras frequently for research.  A walk in the neighborhood, the museum, even the park can yield images that stock the image pond.

Case in point: my husband and I went on a mini-vacation to Galena, and the bed and breakfast where we stayed had a cat guardian.

C’mon in!

The would wait outside for guests and shepherd them to the front door.  She didn’t come in, since she isn’t allowed inside the building, but she has her own little shed with a heated bed.

Um, hmm???

You never know what you’ll find on these trips, either; you have to keep your eyes open.

What cool stuff have you found in your everyday environment?

4 Replies to “A to Z Challenge, Day 16: P Is For Pictures”

    1. I do too! She was adorable. We went to dinner and came back to find her sitting on the bridge, freezing her paws off, waiting for us. She even yelled at us and led us all the way back to the B&B. Awesome cat.

  1. I’ve learned to putz along. I always have my camera with me and thank heavens for digital cameras. I can’t go anywhere without looking at ways to best frame what’s in front of me. lol. Yes… I think that being a photographer at heart makes us much better observers of everyday things. Nice post. Good luck with the A to Z! Following you now. 🙂

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