A to Z Challenge, Day 17: Q Is For Quill

Senior Hunter Quill Mayer, our hero in Emerald Fire, is a scarred man.  Forced to witness the destruction of the town where he grew up, he is raised by his father.  His life partner is killed by a sandcat in the Great Valley.  He finds happiness with Emerald Keeper Teeka.

We are hard at work on the sequel, Emerald Keep, and hope to have it done shortly here (as in by the end of April).  Here’s a little peek at Quill in the new book:

A soft tapping on Teeka’s door stopped him mid-step. Frowning, he changed direction.

He leaned close to the wooden panel. “Yes?”

“It’s me, Pineta. I wanna see the truffles.”

Teeka rolled his eyes. He could hear Pineta’s mad giggles through the door. Experience taught Teeka that Pineta proved to be a hyper, chatty drunk. Any plans Teeka might have of ravishing Quill would be postponed if he let his yearmate in.

He considered his options. “We didn’t get them. It was too late.”

“I think you’re fibbing. You left to get them.”

Teeka grimaced. “No really, they were sleeping. We’re getting them in the morning.”

“Let me say goodnight to Quill then.”

Teeka pulled on his braids. He knew Pineta only wanted to peek inside to verify what he said, but once in the door it would be impossible to get rid of his friend.

He turned to Quill and gestured at the truffles and mouthed ‘hide them.’

Quill pointed at the closet and Teeka shook his head. Landing, was the man sandsick? Trap the truffles in with his wardrobe?

The rapping started again, this time louder. Teeka bit his lip; the last thing he wanted was for Pineta’s antics to attract the attention of Senior Housekeeper Iana.

He cracked the door open. “Say goodnight to Quill and then head for bed.”


With a hefty push and deft wiggle, Pineta entered the room. Teeka rubbed the shoulder he tried to use to keep the door open only a sliver. His friend put on some muscles during his last Contract. Pineta darted across the room and belly flopped on Teeka’s bed. He grinned up at Quill propped against a small mountain of pillows. Teeka rolled his eyes.

And Landing, but was Pineta drunk.

Quill smiled back at Pineta, making Teeka frown. His Intended better not take seriously Pineta’s early flirting at the party about having a threesome. Granted, Teeka had done them in the past, some with Pineta even, but he didn’t plan on sharing his handsome Hunter. His own possessiveness surprised Teeka.

Before he could suggest Pineta’s departure, the young Keeper squealed.

Pineta jumped off the bed. “Snake! I felt a snake!”

Pillows flew as the truffles erupted. They stamped all over Teeka’s bedsilks, ears flapping while their short trunks scooped up pillows and flung them around. Teeka squawked and backed up, joining Pineta by the wall.

Quill, who was obviously trying not to laugh, met Teeka’s gaze.

“What are they doing?”

Quill snorted. “Isn’t it obvious? Trying to find and kill the snake.”

What’s your favorite imaginary animal?

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  1. I love the truffles! And some yummy Quill goodness is always fine. I think pets add to a story, as so many readers have them. Making up exotic ones for our fantasy world was lots of fun.

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