A to Z Challenge, Day 19: S Is For Stir-Fry

So.  You get home from the day job, or stop moving from the stay-at-home job, and realize it’s almost dinner time.


Don’t despair.  With a little bit of planning at the grocery store, you’ll have everything you need to make emergency stir-fry.


I’m so glad you asked!  Once upon a time, there were several writing buddies.  They decided to create a collaborative cookbook, written from the perspective of writers – and therein lies the story.  To find out more, visit Cook Like a Writer and download your copy for free today.

What is your tried-and-true emergency recipe when you’ve got hungry mouths to feed and very little time?

10 Replies to “A to Z Challenge, Day 19: S Is For Stir-Fry”

    1. Hi, Shelly! You know, I didn’t think of emergency foods like crackers and cheese. That’s a good idea.

      And it’s near dinnertime, here. I’M HUNGREH! πŸ™‚

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

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