A to Z Challenge, Day 20: T Is For Truffles

Those of you who are paying attention will know that this is a picture of a cat, not a truffle – but, and this is important, it could be.  That’s the joy of worldbuilding.

I just spent time trying to find pictures of a cross-stitch that I did of a modified elephant.  We changed the color scheme from elephant grey to truffle browns, shortened the nose and made the ears rounder.  Since truffles are a cross between an aardvark and a cocker spaniel, elephants are a good base model – a cute, small-ish animal with fluffy fur and a trunk.

At the risk of sounding like all I want to do is talk about my books, I will say that worldbuilding for the Persis Chronicles was a hoot.  We got to build a culture from the ground up, decide what things we wanted to change, what we wanted to keep the same, and what we wanted to wave a magic science-shaped wand over (hence the series is science fantasy, rather than science fiction).  Our favorite creature, so far, is the truffle – so named because they help Hunters find the valuable goldstones under the sands just like truffle-hunting pigs do in our world.

If you could invent any animal at all, what would it be?

Oh, and the cat?  He’s my new buddy around the corner from my office.  I met him on a walk late last week and he came right over and let me love all over him.  Adorable!

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  1. Not really thought about inventing an animal before but if imaginary creatures are available I’ve always wanted a pygmy dragon – think I was inspired by Anne McCaffrey novels. Visiting from the A to Z Challenge and loving your Blog.

    1. Hulloo, Cat Herder! Welcome to the world of Noon and Wilder, where you find stories that make you late for work! 🙂

      I adore McCaffrey’s novels. I think my favorites are the original book about Lessa and the one with the dolphins – I wanted more dolphins. They’re an amazing creature and fun to think about. David Brin had some interesting ones as well in his series.

      Thank you for taking the time to stop by; I sure appreciate it! Happy blogging!

  2. For me I also like to take an animal we love and change it up a bit. Like a pretty lavender kitty with fat black stripes ? That has infra vision to hunt night-rats (big nasty shaggy haired ones) so thier eyes are a extra large?

  3. I immediately thought of food when I read truffles 🙂
    Love the sound of your truffle invention and a lavender kitty would be cute. I’m working on a sci-fi romance at present and have invented a bird that’s a cross between a dodo and a turkey. I call it Bluebird.

    Shelley Munro A-Z

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