A to Z Challenge, Day 22: V Is For Vanya

We are working on edits of our forthcoming book from LooseId LLC and are super excited about it.  In fact, when you’re talking to an author, it’s probably a good idea not to ask, “So, what are you writing?”

Because we’ll tell you.

Our main character is Vanya Demidov and I wanted to say a few words about the name, Vanya.  Vanya is short for Ivan; which, contrary to popular opinion, is not pronounced “AYEvuhn.”  It’s “ee-VAHN,” somewhat like Yvonne.  It means, John.

Oh, come now.  You know translations yield odd results, don’t you?

John is also Johann, Jon (pronounced “YAHN”), and Sean (pronounced “SHAHN”) and also, Shawn.  Same pronunciation.

There.  Aren’t you glad I explained myself?

What’s the most unusual name, either for a character or a person of your acquaintance, that you’ve ever heard?

7 Replies to “A to Z Challenge, Day 22: V Is For Vanya”

  1. For me, it was our orginal name for our character in Burning Bright- Volodya. Unfortunately, it was for our editor as well and we were advised to change it at the last minute.

  2. How would you pronounce this name “La-a” … (lah-DASH-ah) …this is a real name. My friend’s daughter was denied a job, because she didn’t know how to pronounce the name of the interviewer (that didn’t introduce herself first).

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