A Is For… A. Catherine Noon

20150112_0040Greetings from the cockpit of Noon and Wilder!  I’m A. Catherine Noon and I’ll be your host this month and Rachel Wilder and I complete the A-Z blog challenge.  I’ve got posts for you that show the A-Z of Noon and Wilder, which of course means that today, it’s about yours truly.

Aside from writing, I’m an avid diarist and essayist.  I’m a textile addict who adores not just knitting but just about any fiber art out there except quilting.  It’s not that I don’t like quilting, it’s just that I’ve amassed such a yarn stash that I’m loathe to begin another art form that requires the building up of supplies and fabrics and lovely stuff like that.

I could be so happy as a millionaire with nothing to do but be in the textile studio all day, the writing studio by night.

But sadly, the world doesn’t work that way and toil I must.  By day, I’m an intrepid member of the insurance industry.  I adore the job because I get to help people protect themselves from risks and recover from the unexpected.  By night, I write stories and, together with Rachel, craft world that will keep our readers up at night too.

That’s why they invented coffee, after all.

I also adore writing about cooking, which is why we have a section called In the Kitchen, that’s all about food, cooking, eating, restaurants, and beverages.

So, I write, I knit, I drink coffee.  What more is there to life?

What about you, Dear Reader?  What’s your favorite hobby?

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