D Is For… Delete


What with internet kerfuffle this, crazy news that, and more in-flow of information than ever before, the Delete key is the most important one on the keyboard.  A good friend of mine, who’s name also happens to begin with the letter “D,” pointed out that each email exerts a silent pressure on us to read them.  I followed her advice and have started unsubbing from newsletters that I haven’t been reading.  I do find it easier to open my inbox and not feel pressured to read through stuff to delete it.

That got me thinking.  How much of our daily round is simply that, sorting through things to delete them?  Watching ads on television that we don’t like?  Throwing away advertising circulars and junk mail?  Double-checking our spam filter to make sure that we aren’t missing something we actually want to read?  Reading our Facebook feed for news we don’t really want?

Another friend said something to me recently, that she is becoming interested in “stillness.”  That word caught fire in my mind and has been filling my thoughts lately, as I decide what to do with my spare time.  I’ve been paring down, and clearing the decks so that I can hear myself think.

What about you, Dear Reader?

How much quiet time do you give yourself in a week?

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