H Is For… Hunter!

emeraldkeepEmerald Keep is now available!  Very exciting.  You can find it at Torquere Press, here.  In celebration, I thought I’d share a little bit about our world and one of the jobs in it, that of Hunter.

First, we decided that jobs all have capital letters.  There are jobs that are obvious like Healer and Driver, and less obvious like Seeker, or lawman, and Hunter, or miner.  We settled pretty early on in the writing process on the convention of using “er” at the end of all our job descriptions; I don’t recall the reason for it but it became a “rule.”  It’s interesting to have to fit within that structure when coming up with new positions.

Hunters originally were the ones who went out and found animals for food, but in the process, they discovered the stones that are native on Persis.  One of the rarest is used to power electrical systems of all kinds, and there is a gold-colored stone called simply “goldstone.”  There is also a type of stone that, when a catalyst is applied, provides liquid water, called a “waterstone.”

At night, the stones glow various colors.  When there is a patch of them in an area, they look like multi-colored fox fire.  They are found typically in dry, sandy patches or near stands of local vegetation, and one of the points of the first book is that our main character figures out a more reliable way to find them.

What about you, Dear Reader?
If you had to start over on a distant planet, what job would you like to have?

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