Throwback Thursday – Suffering from amnesia / a talking dog / refused to leave the bathtub.



Introduction:  I love writing from writing prompts.  Over the years, I’ve amassed a collection of story bits from various prompt circles and exercises.  A particularly fun one to play with is called The Amazing Story Generator.  You pick three pieces at random and write a story based on what comes up.  

Writing Prompt:

  1. Suffering from amnesia
  2. A talking dog
  3. Refused to leave the bathtub

Flash Fiction Snippet:


“Ralph, come on. You have to get out of that tub! Now!”

“Why? And who are you, anyway?”

“Oh, Ralph. I’m Louise.”

“Louise, come on. Just leave him in there.”

“Dad, you can’t. He’s gonna clog the drain!”

“Janey, don’t whine. And put your phone down; this does not need to go on Facebook.”

“Oh, Mom.”

“I’m hungry. Are you people part of my pack? Where’s the food?”

“Yes, hello? Animal Control? Harry, I got through. Yes, hello? This is Louis Hancock and six-two-five Crescent. The dog won’t get out of the tub.”

“Damn right I won’t. None of you will give me a straight answer. I’m hungry, too. Hey, is that a cat? I could eat a cat.”


“Yes, he’s a Siberian Husky, but he’s from Canada, not Siberia. He doesn’t have any Russian accent at all. What? Who? No, Harry’s from Poughkeepsie. The dog’s from Saskatoon.”

“Janey, your mother said no Facebook. Ralph, you may not eat the cat. You love that cat. You’ve known him since he was a kitten.”

Want to give it a try, Dear Reader?


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