The Shedd aQuarium
Image used under Creative Commons license from Wikimedia Commons.

See how I did that?  There’s a “Q” in aQuarium, right?  So it’s a Q word.

So there.

But really, I have an ulterior motive:  one of my favorite parts about Chicago is its museums.  And the Shedd Aquarium is one of three on the “Museum Campus,” the other two being the Field Museum and the Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum.  You can even craft a special memory with Extraordinary Experiences, behind-the-scenes adventures.

One of the earliest aquariums in the U.S., it is home to many species of aquatic life.  They have a large section devoted to Pacific marine life, but I’m spoiled by having grown up on the west coast.  What I love is the enormous aquarium tank right in the front of the place as you walk in, filled with all sorts of fish.  I think I like aquariums because they’re generally fairly quiet and softly-lit.  Fluorescent lighting gives me a headache, and typically places like this don’t have a lot of it and what there is, is pretty muted.

One interesting tidbit is that when you visit the aquarium, they give you a handout on what fishes are safe to eat because of mercury contamination.

Tomorrow, check back for R – because you’ll be as surprised as me, since I still have “Red Rock Canyon” on my list from when I’d originally planned to do both Chicago and Las Vegas.  Oh dear, what to do.  Hmm.  Chicago with an R…


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3 Replies to “The Shedd aQuarium”

  1. Love the Shedd aQuarium! I still need to check out San Diego’s, to see how it compares, but I get the impression there’s really no comparing the two. On the other hand, Scripps does a lot more community stuff, like hosting midnight grunion runs on the beach and guided snorkel/scuba trips in a kelp forest off the coast, so I think their emphasis is a bit different. Ocean vs. lake and all that.

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