Willis! Sears! Willis! Sears! Willis! Sears! Whatcha Gonna Callit?

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At one time the tallest building in the world, the Sears  Willis Tower is the tallest building in a city of tall buildings.  Finished in 1973, it’s actually separate buildings built together like a handful of drinking straws.  They don’t tell you until you’re in the elevator to the top and the famous Skydeck that there aren’t cables holding the elevator up, but pneumatics:  i.e., air.  WTF?  If it wasn’t 108 stories up, I’d’ve walked down.  As it was, my hands sweated the entire way.

For those of you who are way braver than me, there’s even The Ledge.  That’s right, a lucite box, suspended over… nothing at all.  Friggin’ A, man.  You just stand there with your feet out over God’s creation and hope that whoever nailed that puppy to the side of the building used REALLY BIG NAILS.


But seriously, this is a cool place to tour.  And, as tours in Chicago go, it’s not as expensive as an Architectural Tour, if you’re on a budget.  You can see clear across Illinois to Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin, though I’m not sure about Iowa.  (That’s a couple hundred miles away, after all.)  The Skydeck has a wraparound series on the walls depicting the history of Chicago, and of course, there are the windows.  You should check out the website link I gave you in the first paragraph, because there are even video tours online that can whet your appetite.

Just don’t ask me to come out on the Ledge with you.  For that, Dear Reader, y’all’re on yer own.


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5 Replies to “Willis! Sears! Willis! Sears! Willis! Sears! Whatcha Gonna Callit?”

  1. Haha, nice one! I do wonder why Willis thought they could just rename the Sears Tower and make it stick, when Chicago is a town that hangs onto its traditions. Plus, it’s an icon. And they didn’t build it! Which is basically the argument I make in my post about the Sears Tower (nuts to Willis) today. 😉

    1. I’m of two minds. I heard the head of Willis in an interview, and he said, “I bought it, I get to name it,” and that made sense to me. But then I go back and forth with it.

      I still call it Sears Tower, most of the time. ~shrug~ I’m not 100% copasetic with people renaming things willy-nilly. It’s like calling the Acropolis “Coca Cola Acropolis,” or something. Just wrong. Sears Tower is a monument to a company, and a history, that’s uniquely Chicago’s.

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