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Sorry that today’s post is late; I have a cold and have spent most of the weekend sleeping.

If you live in Chicago, or are here for an extended visit, you are more than likely going to encounter the elevated commuter trains – locals call it the “L,” for short.  My husband and I, above, use it to get to the airport for vacation, for example.  I used to use it every day when I worked downtown; now I simply take a bus since I live so close to my day job.

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There are many pictures of the “L” online, but the ones I like are the ordinary ones.  This view, for example, is one of my favorites along the Brown Line, because it’s when the “L” goes over the conventional railroad tracks and you can see for miles in either direction.  You whizz by too quickly to get a good look, but I always wonder what it would be like to get on those tracks and see where they go.  This direction, southbound, would end up in New Orleans.  The other way goes clear up into Canada.

What about you, Dear Reader?  Where do your trains go?


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