Wrigley Field – Play Ball!

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My post is tardy, Dear Reader, and for that I apologize.  The cold that’s going around is enjoying itself by jumping up and down on me.  I’ll catch up, I promise!  Here then, is the post for yesterday, or “W” – Wrigley Field!

Anyone who’s spent any time in Chicago is likely to discover that we have a cross-town rivalry in baseball – we’re one of the few cities who do.  We have the north side team, the Chicago Cubs, and the south side team, the White Sox.  The Cubs haven’t won the pennant in a while, and the Sox won it a few years ago – a fact which any Sox fan is going to tell you, ad nauseum, ad infinitum.  But that’s how Sox fans are.  ~shrug~

In my household, we have divided loyalties.  My husband and I are from other places, originally – me, the West Coast; him, Philadelphia.  As transplants to the north side, we both are Cubs fans.  His son, however, is a Sox fan.

And we haven’t once smothered him in his bed.

That’s how Cubs fans are.  Nice, ‘n stuff.  GO CUBBIES!


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5 Replies to “Wrigley Field – Play Ball!”

  1. LoL! Cubs fans are cool. I’m not sure how they can continue to root for the losing-est (is that a word?) team in baseball history, year in and year out, but I guess hope springs eternal. To be honest, I’m not sure exactly why I am more inclined to root for the White Sox… I really don’t have any particular loyalties, in terms of players or whatnot. I think it’s really about the image more than anything (I do love black), so I’m willing to admit that others with less superficial reasons could also be onto something. ;D

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