Sister, Where Art Thou? Or, Where the Hell Have You BEEN??

My Dear Reader, how we’ve missed you!

Noony here. I know, it’s been a long time. And so much has happened. I thought I’d share a little bit, and will share more as time goes on, but for now here’s a little background and update.

In 2010 our first book, Burning Bright, came out and launched our popular series, The Chicagoland Shifters. Then came The Chronicles of Persis, set on a faraway planet. After that, we started The Emerald City Shifters.

And then things got complicated. Family illness in both of our families made writing secondary for a while, and then the publishing industry, well, exploded. From our vantage point in 2010, when we started, there were the big five digital-first publishers; the big houses in New York (names you’re probably familiar with); and ebooks, while they had gotten started, hadn’t yet disrupted the entire industry.

My, how things have changed. From drama in Romancelandia and the SFWA-verse, to publisher consolidations and goings out of business, it’s been a turbulent few years. All three of the houses with which we were published are no more, and a major romance book distributor has up and disappeared (in under a week at the end of 2016).

Then, in November of 2017, my husband nearly bled to death from the stomach flu. He has liver disease and didn’t realize he’d started internally bleeding. Four days in the hospital and two units of blood later, he was stabilized, but he’d had a reaction to the blood so the doctors decided not to give him more and let his body regenerate it on its own – a process that takes about six weeks. He’d lost two-thirds of his blood supply. (His liver doctor noted that he could tell his heart was strong; my husband asked why, and the doctor said, “Because you didn’t have a heart attack and die.” ~blink~ Don’t ask questions to which you don’t want the answers. Noted.)

A major surgery later, and 2017 was over – almost. He had another bout of flu over New Year’s Eve, and I spent an anxious, sleepless night waiting to maybe take him to the hospital.

Him, for his part, he slept through the whole thing.


One vision board and a whole bunch of adult coloring book later and 2018 was born.

But change, she was not done with me. In January, we took a vacation and I got a new job.

2,500 miles away.


So now, I write you from the lovely and amazing Pacific Northwest and we are now residents of Washington State. We are, by virtue of our publishers all going the way of the dodo, striking out “for reals” on our own and re-releasing all our books so we can get back to doing what we love to do – writing new ones!

Don’t despair, Dear Reader; you couldn’t get rid of us that easily. (Just maybe don’t try so hard, this time, kthxbi.) I’m hard at work revamping the sites (and learning MAMP and WordPress), uploading the books (and learning Amazon and Draft2Digital), and working with Rachel as she works with Valerie Tibbs to create some truly awesome covers for you, our favorite readers.

I just signed us up for the annual Holiday Party at TRS and we’ll have a 12 Days of Xmas for you, so stay tuned. It’s about to get real.

(P.S. we really missed you!)

5 Replies to “Sister, Where Art Thou? Or, Where the Hell Have You BEEN??”

  1. Hi, I’m glad that your family is healthy again and so so happy that you guys are back. I can’t wait for new books to be released. “Chicagoland Shifters” wink, wink. Welcome back. You guys were missed.

  2. Congratulations on a new job and new location. I’m relieved to hear that you and your husband are okay after such an ordeal and health scare. Thank you for getting me hooked on writing prompts. Miss you and wishing you the best always! Happy writing. Many blessings!

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