V Is For… Volodya, and Other Unpronounceable Names

Names are tricky.  I've worked with internationals most of my career, and the first difficult name I encountered was Nguyen, which is a very common family name of Vietnamese origin.  It's pronounced, by the way, like "Win."  Currently, I live and work in an ethnically diverse neighborhood of Chicago; there are seventeen different languages just on my block - people from the Ame...
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A to Z Challenge, Day 14: N Is For Neal

Your first love.  You'll always have that special place in your heart for your first one.  Rachel and I wrote Burning Bright and I pitched it at my first writing conference, before I even knew what pitching a book really meant.  I knew business, of course, and that books are business, but somehow the concept of pitching a creative project made my knees turn to wa...
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Tiger Tiger and NaNoWriMo

Photo from The Ultimate Guide to the Largest Cats on EarthTIGER TIGER is coming from Samhain Publishing in July, 2013. We've signed the contract and will start edits in January, after the holidays. We decided to share a bit about the process for those of you who are curious.First, a short blurb: TIGER TIGER is the second in the Chicagoland Shifters series, which started with ...
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Release Day is Coming!

BURNING BRIGHT is out this Tuesday! Launch partay in da howse!!It's two days to go until Release Day (technically only one, since it's so late on Sunday...). I have so many mixed feelings! I feel excited, a little scared, and don't know what to expect. Excited because it's our first book, scared that I won't do 'it' right (not sure what 'it' is, but the worry is still there...
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Visiting July 19 through July 27

The Taurus Twins are visiting July 19 through July 27, and going through the Author Review Copy (ARC) of BURNING BRIGHT. While that delays the next chapter of NEW WORLD ORDER, we are so excited to report that...WE HAVE A PUBLICATION DATE!BURNING BRIGHT is available for pre-order now, and will be out Tuesday, 09/13/2011. We've made it through the editing process and can see th...
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