Throwback Thursday – Suffering from amnesia / a talking dog / refused to leave the bathtub.

  Introduction:  I love writing from writing prompts.  Over the years, I've amassed a collection of story bits from various prompt circles and exercises.  A particularly fun one to play with is called The Amazing Story Generator.  You pick three pieces at random and write a story based on what comes up.   Writing Prompt: Suffering from amnesia A talking dog ...
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Throwback Thursday – The Martian Babies

2016-01-07 NW Pic 1
The Martian Babies “Xaxon, you space hound! How have you been?” The hail came from behind Xaxon Broxes and he turned. “Javnon Pequent?” Xaxon blurted. “Is that really you?” Javnon strode up, his lemon-yellow ship-knits clashing horribly with his shock of long orange hair. “Of course it’s me, you pirate! You still piloting that elderly old bird of yours?” “The ZX-5 is ...
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Throwback Thursday – No Humans

Succession Tik-tik shivered and ruffled his fur in a wave from his whiskers to his tail. He sneezed. Rain again. Four suns of the stuff! He started forward again and stepped through a patch of dead leaves into yet another puddle, burying his paw up to the first joint. He hissed involuntarily. Kao turned his head and clicked his teeth, black tail lashing. “Quiet!” Tik-t...
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