Sunday Journal – Cats, Cats, and More Cats or, Five Tips for Zoo Photography

It's not that I don't like canids.  I adore them.  But I write a lot about cats because we decided our first series featured Siberian tiger shifters, so I've spent the last five and a half years researching big cats.  That, and the zoo has a world-class wolf habitat that is large and allows the wolves to roam. And, well, hide. We live with three cats and a dog, but wh...
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Monday Morning Pages

Morning Pages.  Three pages of longhand writing in the morning.  Not meant to be written, in the sense that they're a exercise in getting the brain onto the page and giving voice to what the Chinese call monkey mind - that bouncing, scattershot squirrel of thoughts that natters on throughout the day behind the scenes.I've been doing Morning Pages since 1995 and t...
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