Z Is For… Zac Bennett!

ZWelcome to the last day of the A-Z Challenge! We made it all the way to Z. Phew!

Today, I want to give you a sneak peak at an upcoming Noon & Wilder book called SEALED BY MAGIC, the sequel to SEALED BY FIRE.  We had a lot of fun writing Magic because we explored more of the lamia culture and how it relates to the witches in Seattle.  I love worldbuilding, so this one was a lot of fun to write.

Here’s the blurb:

Will a brewing shifter war tear apart two young men, brought together by magic and a fate stronger than one life?

Seattle has been at peace since before it was founded on the banks of the Puget Sound. The war between the witches and the snake shifters ended and they now live separate lives. Generations of distrust have kept them separated, until Ari Fitzgerald meets Zachary Bennett, a young witch from the Queen City Coven.

Ari is the son of the lamia king. He needs to find the source of the black market trading in lamia venom before any other snake shifters are hurt, or worse. The young ones are most at risk, because their venom is more potent. Ari discovers the source is a witch and suspicion falls on Zac and his coven.

Zac works for his brother-in-law, a powerful bear shifter who doesn’t care about shifter politics. When three coyote shifters come to town, looking for black-market lamia venom and a witch to kidnap, Zac gets caught in the middle between his brother-in-law’s shifters and the power-hungry coyotes.

Together, Ari and Zac must find the source of the venom before the city erupts into a dangerous and costly shifter war.

L Is For… Lamiae!

2015-04-14 LWhen writing, one needs a plausible reason for one’s plot.  If there’s a culture that does something particular, maybe reveres kittens for example, one needs to have a reason for such kitten reverence.  It needs to be convincing enough that the reader doesn’t question it, but instead thinks, why, yes, of course they revere kittens because that’s what you do in Kittenlandia.  Maybe a beloved child-queen Myleigh adored kittens but died of childhood leukemia and her last wish was that kittens would be sacred from that day forth.  Or, maybe the goddess Nephreini decreed that her sacred animal was the kitten and you could tell her devotees by their scratches.  Whatever the reason, the fact that kittens are revered becomes as obvious as the fact that the sky is blue and just as unquestioned.

When Rachel and I wrote Sealed by Fire, we needed a plausible reason why male relationships would be common and accepted in the subculture we created.  Rachel settled on the lamia myth, which is about a half-woman, half-snake creature.  There are no myths of male lamiae that we could find, so we decided that lamiae had to come from somewhere; what if male lamiae weren’t half-and-half creatures but all one, and all the other?  Meaning, they were either snake, or man; never both.  Only the women had the snake-person form.  Furthermore, the two groups kept separate from one another except at breeding time, so they lived in gender-segregated communities by tradition.

What about you, Dear Reader?
What’s your favorite fantasy book or myth?

Writer Wednesday with Noon and Wilder

Yes, dear, I know you don’t like your picture taken.
©2015 A. Catherine Noon

Why do you want me to smi-
©2015 Rachel Wilder

2015 is shaping up to be a busy year.  We’ve sent off Sealed by Magic for consideration; finished first and second rounds of edits on Emerald Keep; made a deal for Book 3 of the Chicagoland Shifters, called Cat’s Cradle, and it’ll be out in the summer of 2015; and we’ve worked out the order of the Persis Chronicles series for the next four years.  Rock on.

I’m not sure I have two brain cells to rub together at the moment, though.  ~grin~

We are redesigning our websites this year, and my website will be up shortly.  We’ll launch the new Noon and Wilder site in the next month or so, before April’s A-Z Blog Challenge.  And yes, I’ll be doing the Challenge – with more than one blog, too, thereby proving the theory that I am, in fact, mad.

In Noon & Wilder news, I’m excited to say that we’ll be holding the 2015 Keepsake Tour right here on the blog for 31 days starting March 8th.  It will celebrate the release of Emerald Keep, the long-awaited sequel to our popular book Emerald Fire.  The Keepsake Tour will be a little different than blog tours I’ve done in the past – for this one, Rachel and I are literally making keepsakes for you, Dear Reader, to collect.  Rachel is crocheting a scarf, I’m making a lace scarf, we’ll have hand-made bookmarks and other bits and bobs.  I can’t wait.  I’m booking the stops on the tour now, but you can always check in here during the tour because I’ll leave little breadcrumbs for you to follow.

For now, it’s time to put my nose back on that grindstone.  We’re almost finished with Sapphire Dream, book 3 in the Persis Chronicles, and know what comes after it – which is sometimes half the battle.  We hope to be done with Sapphire within the next month or two so that we can send it off for consideration – so keep your fingers crossed!

Happy Wednesday, Dear Reader!

Tuesday with the Tauruses

Rachel and I are hard at work on the edits for EMERALD KEEP, which is coming soon from Torquere Press – release date is April 8th.  So exciting.

Edits, though, means our brains dribble out the bottom of our heads.  We’re also finishing up the submission packet for SEALED BY MAGIC and will send that off on the weekend.  And I’m planning the blog book tour for EK.

It’s a full week.

And it showed today.

But I walked to work.

And that, Dear Reader, is what a writer’s brain on edits looks like.  o.O….