A New Year’s Party – and a Giveaway!

The party over at The Romance Studio is in full swing!  Throughout the weekend, I will be blogging on different topics - five posts a day! - as will the other participating authors.  We have prizes from each of us, and the grand prize is a $100 USD gift certificate to the online retailer Amazon.  If you like to read, then this is the party for you! Friday the 13th! ...
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Happy Thanksgiving! and a Party at the Romance Studio!

In the spirit of the holidays, we share with you Noony's posts on The Romance Studio, and an opportunity to win the grand prize of a $100 USD Amazon gift card, as well as prizes from participating authors - not to mention, tons of great content.  Please enjoy, and remember: writers are people too, and we are emotional beings just like you.  A comment, even just to say thank...
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Tuesday with the Tauruses – How To Store Food For the Winter: Prepping

2016-05-17 Pic 1
You might wonder, Dear Reader, what preparing for winter has to do with the month of May, or more particularly, with Noon & Wilder and our stories.  Let me 'splain. One of Rachel Wilder's passions is being prepared for whatever might happen.  It's impossible to prevent every catastrophe, but we can be ready for the unexpected.  In our stories, many of our characters ...
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Monday Morning Pages

Why journal if you're already a writer? Why journal if you're not a writer? Those are two very good questions.  And the answer to both is related.  Morning pages aren't, precisely, writing.  They're written, yes; but they're not writing in the sense that they aren't intended for anyone's eyes but our own.  We can be petty, we can have poor grammar and spelling, and we...
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Good Night, Chicago, Good Night!

2016-05-09 A-to-Z Reflection [2016]
Chicago, From A to Z This year, we decided to do our challenge on location, specifically the location of Noon & Wilder ourselves.  Originally, I'd planned to do one day Chicago, one day Las Vegas; however, in brainstorming my list of A to Z, I realized I had plenty from which to choose for the Windy City.  And anyway, our series The Chicagoland Shifters is set right here...
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Zoo – Too!

2016-04-19 Pic 3
Well, Dear Reader, we've made it.  A day late, maybe, but no dollars short on this tour of the Chicagoland. That's a funny term:  "Chicagoland."  I remember when I first moved here, I heard it used on the radio by a dj and thought is sounded ridiculous.  "The Chicagoland."  Dude, it's a city; it's got a name.  It's not a land.  But, regional dialects prevail and I now us...
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This Is a Great Town For Yarn

Chicago.  That toddlin' town, known for its pizza, and hot dogs, and the Cubbies, and... YARN! Huh? Really, this is a great place to have a yarn problem.  Addiction, even.  There are all sorts of places one can get into trouble with sticks and string. One of the largest guilds in the country is here, the Windy City Knitting Guild.  The men and women of the guilt s...
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Wrigley Field – Play Ball!

My post is tardy, Dear Reader, and for that I apologize.  The cold that's going around is enjoying itself by jumping up and down on me.  I'll catch up, I promise!  Here then, is the post for yesterday, or "W" - Wrigley Field! Anyone who's spent any time in Chicago is likely to discover that we have a cross-town rivalry in baseball - we're one of the few cities who do.  W...
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X Marks the Spot – the Face in the Fountain

2016-04-28 Pic 1
One of the odder pieces of public art in Chicago are the Crown Fountain, located smack in the middle of downtown and an anchor point of Millennium Park.  Two giant square columns, built of what looks like glass bricks, face one another across a stone courtyard.  Different faces appear on the sides that face each other, and a stream of water flows out of the mouths and fill ...
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Very Diverse

I'm puzzled by all the vitriol in the media, particularly social media, right now that's gotten conflated with the election.  I don't want to drag us off into the weeds talking politics, because this blog is about entertainment, but I do want to share some things I've learned from Diversity Training in corporate America, as well as from the University of California, Irvine,...
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