Polish Culture

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Polish is the third most common language spoken in Chicago, behind English and Spanish, and it is said that there are more Polish people here than in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland.  I’m not sure about that last fact, as I couldn’t find verification of it, but it’s a commonly stated aphorism that I’ve heard since moving here.

One thing I find interesting is that I have met Polish-speaking people who speak no English, and who have lived here for many, many years.  There are enough Polish speakers that one can thrive here without ever needing to leave the Polish neighborhoods.

  • Every October, the Polish Film Festival is celebrated.
  • I talked about pizza earlier in the challenge; another food that’s practically religion here is the hot dog.  The first time I went with a local friend to a Chicago-style hot dog place, he boldly ordered “The Polish.”  “The Polish what?” I asked.  He looked puzzled.  “A Polish,” he finally answered.  If you, like me, prefer nouns with your meals, a “Polish” means a Polish sausage served like a hot dog.  Well, not like a hot dog.  Like a Polish.  …  I give up.  🙂
  • There is a type of restaurant here called a “Polish buffet,” that I just had to try.  It’s enough of “a thing” that there are several entries for it:
  • Pulaski is a major street here, and all the school kids are taught about Casimir Pulaski.  The city celebrates Casimir Pulaski Day, the first Monday of every March.
  • The Felician Sisters Convent, formerly the Provincialate, is only a mile or two from my house.  It was founded by a Polish nun.

There are many more tidbits of history about the Polish people here in Chicago.  I encourage you to check out the links if you’re curious.

Tomorrow, we try and find something to do with Q.  Hmm…

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  1. Oh yes, Casimir Pulaski Day! I loved getting that day off, seemingly out of nowhere. None of my friends from other states knew what the hell I was talking about when I told them I had the day off for this guy. I say there’s not enough holidays in general, why not start handing them out to anyone that seems remotely worthy? 😉

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